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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines rules that you need to follow to help ensure that the site is a fun, enjoyable place for all users involved.

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By registering an account (for use as a User or Group account) you agree that all information provided is truthful and accurate. We reserve the right to close any account created with falsified information. In addition, you agree to keep your e-mail address accurate and up-to-date (as is necessary to contact you or provide password resets).

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AtFurry is primarily geared towards the artistic community and contains mature content. The ability to view mature art is DISABLED BY DEFAULT. By enabling the mature flag, you agree that 1) you are of legal age (18) and that 2) you are not lying about your age. Users found misrepresenting their age and date of birth will have their ability to view mature artwork revoked.

We encourage parents and guardians to be familiar with the sites their children visit, and to take a part in their children's lives. It is your role, as parent to your children, to monitor and police your children.

The site will not be held accountable for your children lying and enabling the ability to view mature art, and we will do everything in our power to limit their ability to do so.

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Please visit our Privacy Policy page. https://atfurry.com/policy

Enforcement Policy

We will uphold our policies and actively protect the interests of the site and our members. This includes, but not limited to: stopping art theft/tracing, identity theft or attempts at financial harm, personal harassment or organizing trolling, piracy or other illegal activity or any activity which we feel is a threat to the site or its community.

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